same difference

About This Site

As the Web Platform Team for Robert Carr’s Document Design course at Fitchburg State University, we have created this website over the course of the Spring 2016 semester to explore, reflect upon, celebrate and promote the Fitchburg Art Museum’s exhibition TRIIIBE: same difference. This website also includes work done by our fellow classmates on the Catalog and Cinema Teams. Throughout this project, we have been able to showcase our strengths and ideas within our respective fields of study while collaborating with one another and our client, the Fitchburg Art Museum. We worked closely with Curator Mary Tinti and Koch Curatorial Fellow Emily Mazzola to best serve the museum, better our professional presentations, and create work that is polished and portfolio worthy.

A Note from FAM:
A huge thank you to Robert Carr and the students of his Spring 2016 Document Design course at Fitchburg State University for bringing a whole new dimension to TRIIIBE: same difference. We are proud to be the official museum of FSU and are thrilled to share this excellent student work with our visitors. FAM is honored to present TRIIIBE: same difference (on view February 7 - June 5, 2016) to our audiences and we are grateful to the artists and Arlette Kayafas of Gallery Kayafas for making this show possible. This exhibition was organized by Curator Mary M. Tinti and Koch Curatorial Fellow Emily M. Mazzola and has been supported by a grant from the Artist’s Resource Trust.

Meet the Teams

Web Team

Erin Murphy

Photography / Lesbian / Handy


Haylie Hier

Loud / Energetic / Photographer

Jackie Brown

Creative / Friendly / Loud


Kim Tecce

Independent / Curious / Outgoing

linkedin website

Lindsey McGann

Photographer / Writer / Traveler

instagram email

Nathan Wentworth

Creator / Designer / Curious

@twitter website email

Sara Prunier

Photographer / Dreamer / Feminist


Kelsey Kunigonis

Artist / Chef / Traveler


Javier Soto

Creator / Food Lover / Baseball Player

Kevin Fitzmaurice

Positive / Confident / Funny

Film Team

Jacob Hazel

Driven / Self-Relient / Content-Creator

John Rezuke

Creative / Detailed / Historian

Yosmarlin "Feliz" Infante

Hilarious / Creative / Daydreamer

Catalog Team

Alisha Nadeau

Family-Oriented / Malleable / Free-Thinker

Anna Farwell

Feminist / Designer / Bizarre

Jairo Hernandez

Influential / Energetic / Friendly

Katie Fossey

Creative / Funny / Dreamer

Stephanie Saba

Optimist / Enthusiastic / Thoughtful

Dylan Carter

Dreamer / Well Spoken / Loud

Ryan Haines

Humorous / Ambitious / Realist