same difference


This video of the opening of the exhibition was documented by the video team, in order to capture the atmosphere at Fitchburg Art Museum while debuting a new exhibit. This will also preserve TRIIIBE: same difference after it's no longer on display.

For the TRIIIBE: same difference exhibition promotional video we wanted to capture the feeling of being at the exhibition and entice audiences to come in and see for themselves what TRIIIBE at the Fitchburg Art Museum is like in person. Our approach was to move from room to room in the exhibition, showing off the highlights of the show and building slowly towards a climax. As the visuals build so does the music, and eventually the audio and the visuals crescendo in the triptych room where we see the power of TRIIIBE reach its peak. After experiencing the intensity of the triptych room the song and visuals come to a close and the camera pulls away from the room and fades to black. This video functions not only as a promotion for the exhibition, but also as a record of TRIIIBE: same difference at the Fitchburg Art Museum.