same difference


In a world where everyone is just trying to find themselves, three innovative identical triplet sisters, Alicia, Kelly, and Sara Casilio teamed up with National Geographic photographer Cary Wolinsky to create the intriguing works of TRIIIBE: same difference. Throughout their works, they call upon many of the underlying factors of identity, challenging their audiences’ thoughts on the subject since 2006. Although they never reveal the specific message that each image is trying to convey, their artwork gives you the fuel to provoke your own ideas on the matter and start conversations that could potentially change the way you and the people around you may think.

The Sisters:

The Casilio triplets aren’t like any other set of triplets. The sisters went to college together at Massachusetts College of Art, taking many, if not all of the same classes at once, where they received their BFA. There they received the Steven Paine Scholarship and the Crosby Sculpture Award. The Casillos had been doing performance art together for quite some time, and even thought of some potential ideas to shoot about identity. The sisters came across Cary incidentally at one of their former professor's retirement party. It was there that they decided to meet and speak on the ideas they all had in mind. Wolinsky also wanted to try something new, leading to the birth of TRIIIBE.

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Cary Wolinsky:

Cary Wolinsky entered the photojournalism program at Boston University in 1965. In 1969, Aaron Siskind accepted him to join the graduate photography program at Chicago’s Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology. Wolinsky decided to work as a photojournalist for The Boston Globe after deferring his acceptance to the graduate photography program at Chicago's Institute of Design. “Cary Wolinsky is best known for his international, historical, scientific and cultural photographic essays published regularly in National Geographic magazine since 1977.”

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